How to use Google Earth map – Best Map app of 2024

How to use Google Earth map – Best Map app of 2024

So hi Friends in this article I will tell you how to use Google Earth map app and it’s features and working pros and cons of this app so stay connected and read this article till the end this app is use for map the world this app provided you total world in you hand. You can easily view any country and any village city easily on this app by single click.

Feature of Google Earth map

This app is come with lots of features and I will tell you and describe all the features of this app

Small in Size 

The size of this app is very small you can easily use this app on your mobile easily. Some mobile have storage issue and less space butt if you want to use any app that provide you world map with features so this is the good option for you

Free of Cost

Google Earth map is a free of Cost app if you want to use free app that provide you world map and also some good feature in free of Cost so this is the best app for Free users

Fast and reliable

If you are looking for fast and reliable app so google Earth map is the best option because it’s provided by Google the app is optimized and full reliable to use all the function or features on any device

Secure and privacy

The app provide you good privacy because it’s provided security by Google and google is most secure than other platform so you can usi this app with no security issues it’s secure you from malware and viruses from you devices

How to use Google Earth Map

1. Basic Navigation

Zoom In/Out: Use the mouse scroll wheel, pinch on a touch screen, or use the zoom controls (+ and -) on the screen.

Pan Around: Click and drag with your mouse, or use touch gestures on a mobile device.

Rotate/View Tilt: Hold down the right mouse button and drag, or use the on-screen compass.


3. Search Locations


Search Bar: Type the name of a place, address, or coordinates in the search bar and press Enter. Google Earth will fly you to that location.


4. Layers and Map Styles

Layers Panel: On the left side, you can toggle various layers such as Borders, Places, Roads, and more.

Map Style: Click the three horizontal lines (menu) in the top left corner, go to “Map Style,” and choose different viewing options (e.g., Clean, Exploration).


5. Viewing 3D Buildings and Terrain


3D View: Click on the “3D” button in the lower right corner to toggle between 2D and 3D views.

Tilt and Rotate: Use the mouse or touch gestures to change the perspective and view 3D buildings and terrain.

6. Using the Voyager Feature


Voyager Icon: Click the ship’s wheel icon in the left panel to explore guided tours and interactive stories about various places on Earth.

7. Measuring Distance and Area


Ruler Tool: Click on the ruler icon on the toolbar to measure distances or areas. Click to start measuring and click again to set measurement points.

8. Creating and Sharing Projects


Projects Feature: Click the “Projects” icon (a folder with a plus sign) to create a new project. You can add placemarks, draw lines and shapes, and insert images and videos.

Sharing: Click on the project and use the share option to send it to others via a link or export it as a KML file.

9. Using Historical Imagery


Historical Imagery: In Google Earth Pro, click the clock icon on the toolbar to access historical satellite images and see how places have changed over time.


10. Street View


Street View Icon: Drag and drop the Pegman icon (located at the bottom right) onto a blue line or dot on the map to enter Street View.


Explore the Menu: The three horizontal lines in the top left corner open a menu with additional settings and tools.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Familiarize yourself with Google Earth keyboard shortcuts to enhance navigation efficiency


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