How to Use Voice Screen Lock App and Its Features

How to Use Voice Screen Lock App and Its Features

So hi Friends welcome to a new article of Daninews website in this article we will discuss about how to use voice screen lock app and its feature. Voice screen lock app provide your mobile security with voice command you can easily unlock your phone with your selected voice given to the app we can also discuss the features and the uses of voice screen lock app.

Features of voice screen lock app

Privacy with your own voice

By using this application you can private your mobile with your own voice you can easily open your mobile with your voice and nobody can open or unlock your phone without your voice

Different Lock types

This app not give you only the way to open your mobile with voice it’s also provide you three option to unlock your phone the first one is voice screen lock the second one is pattern and third one is pin so this app comes with three types of lock

Button style

Voice screen lock app provide you button style in this picture you can easily change the style of your button it’s survive you lots of different designs and style to change your pattern colour images design and many more thing by using this application.


This app also provide you the feature of customisation the lock and the app you can hide date and time customize the button pattern voice screen lock and many more thing.

Security Type

This app give you two types of security the first one is a normal lock and the second one is time lock the time log is an option which you can use to lock your mobile and you can easily open your mobile with running time .

How to use voice screen lock app

  • First of all open the app and click on install button
  • If you click on start button a mean homepage screen is shown to you
  • It’s give you lots of features and I am telling how to use all the features
  • Lock type: the first feature of this app is locked type and I am also tell you how to use this feature.
  • You will call type it show you three option voice lock pattern lock pin lock select anyone of those.
  • How to use a voice screen lock so no I am telling you how you can use voice screen lock
  • Click on voice screen lock and enter any voice you want to unlock your phone so if you enter are telling the voice you want to unlock your phone and click on done button
  • If you we can’t done button it’s give you an option to give permission to the app read the term and condition carefully and click on alow option if you want Pin And pattern lock are same

Change security type

If you want to change the security type you can easily came it anytime set pattern pin or voice lock to change your security type

Button style

For changing the color of your button you need to use button style this is the best and unique option of using


You can also do customization to the app button style pattern lock and many more thing for customisation the app click on customisation button given in the homepage of the app. If you click on first position option it give you a time lock customer voice command customisation option and time screen custom. You can also change love screen app

Fake icon

You can creat fake icon for security reason any one want to opne te lock screen so it’s very save and reliable.


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